Religious Ed. Christmas Play 2023

Thank you to the Catechetical Team 2023-2024 led by Director of Religious Education Mr. Freddy Burke for making the CCD Christmas Play 2023 possible. A special thank you to Mrs. Luz Burke, Mrs. Melissa Pierre, Ms. Ellie Chavez for rehearsing and leading the children's choir during the play. Thank you to the members of the Confirmation class 2023, Harvey, Lindsay and Ariel for coming back and assisting. Thank you to Connor Cook of the CCD H.S class, Narrator for lending your voice in taking us back to the story of the 'Birth of Our Savior'. Special thanks to Ms. Ellie Chavez for assisting in providing the script of the 'Birth of Our Savior' Christmas play. Thank you to all parents, volunteers and our children for making the St. Mary's Parish Religious Education Program Christmas Play 2023 a memorable expression of faith. Till next time!